The Strengths of our Team:
  • expertise in location management, production, coordination and services as well as the background acquired through the experience of our team in the field since 2007 (Internet presence since 2008) coupled with its great organizational and strategic skills
  • the extensive photographic archive of locations in Greece and the proven knowledge of its handling, enrichment and extension
  • our many years of experience in integrated film, advertising and theatrical productions
  • the deep knowledge of the film production industry which is reflected in our work
  • the awareness of Greek culture and reality as well as the familiarity with laws, administrative structures and bureaucratic procedures
  • the stability of our team (resulting from our long-term cooperation) which consists of qualified persons with great skills in all required fields (management, web application development, human resources, film location scouting, film producing etc.)
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13 AG. PARASKEVI STR, 145 69 ANIXI, ATHENS GREECE | Αγ. Παρασκευής 13, 145 69 ΑΝΟΙΞΗ, ΑΘΗΝΑ ΕΛΛΑΔΑ | [email protected]
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