Our Mission Taking advantage of the diversity of Greek countryside landscape and urban architecture, the small distances as well as the ideal temperate climate, Greece (an unexplored country film wise) has a variety of ideal locations for filming and favorable weather condition in a relatively low cost. This is facilitated by the improvement of domestic equipment availability and the Greek yet highly-skilled technicians, two factors that make Greece a competitive country compared to the western countries.

Indicative film services in Greece provided:
  • location scouting and photo library proposals for each film project based on the specific needs of the project and an extended network of associates from all areas of filming expertise, through out the country of Greece (Greek Islands, Mainland, Cities)
  • location shooting permits
  • presence on location shooting ensuring its smooth running
  • Crew facilitation - accommodation / transportation / catering
  • liaising between the foreign productions and Greek public offices, equipment companies, casting agencies, hotels, vehicle rental agencies, etc
Profile The company Top Spot – Locations for Films specializes in finding / securing locations, fixing and providing film production services in Greece where film shootings can be carried out. We undertake feature films or documentary films, advertising films, TV series and video clips and we have a nationwide network of associates in all fields.

More specifically, our services include:
  • access to an extensive and attractive photographic / multimedia location archive from all over Greece such as: Santorini, Mykonos, Crete, Athens, Acropolis, Kefalonia, Corfu, Meteora, Thessaloniki etc
  • location scouting depending on the requirements of each film project
  • fixing and providing film production services
  • obtaining permits for use of premises and filming (Ancient / Roman / Byzantine Monuments, Streets, Public and Private Spaces)
  • handling bureaucratic issues
  • providing accommodation / transportation / food for film crew in each shooting day
  • physical presence in the shooting by ensuring its smooth running
  • an extensive network of associates and suppliers all over Greece
  • VISA: handling all the visa issuance procedures for film crew in countries where it is required
  • Customs procedures: providing complete customs clearance services on the cinematographic equipment
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